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6 February Faith-Based Initiatives

Behold the 6 February Faith-Based Initiatives!

2/3 I'm facilitating a Conversation for Teachers, Writers and Reader with David Mura at A Great Good Place for Books in Montclair Village 📚 2/6 Reading with Left Margin LIT authors at new brewpub, Novel Brewing on the Oakland/Berkeley border 📚 2/9 I'm being honored with lotsa fancy authors (including my @ccamfawriting colleague @jdarznik) by the Berkeley Public Library Foundation 📚 2/12 African Book Club discusses Children of Blood and Bone at Octopus Literary Salon 📚 2/13 I'm teaching What We Talk About When We Talk About Food: A Sensory Workshop at Left Margin LIT 📚 2/22 Reading with Reyna Grande and MK Chavez for THERE at Octopus Literary Salon 📚

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