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TONIGHT: Final Fall Faith-Based Initiative!

I'm wrapping up November's 10 events with a discussion with Jenee Darden, whose book of poetry and essays When a Purple Rose Blooms is inspired by her journey through womanhood. She writes about race, sex, love and mental health. My mini-memoir, The Nigerian Nordic Girl's Guide to Lady Problems, was inspired by my journey trying to write about finding my family while trying to hold onto my uterus (in Iowa!). I write about multiracial identity, the American healthcare system, and black women and fibroids.

Black women are 3 times more likely to have fibroids, more of them, with more severe symptoms. It's time to start talking fibroids! Our Voices, Our Stories SF Wed 11/28, 6pm African American Art & Culture Complex 762 Fulton St, SF Embarcadero BART

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