Faith-Based Readings

On Traveling While Black
To read Faith's most recent essay--runner up for non-fiction in the 2020 Curt Johnson Prose Awards, selected by Dr. Brittany Cooper--purchase december magazine here.
Sleep Story, CALM App
Best Women's Travel Writing
A World of Calm, HBO Max
10-episode series streaming on HBO Max that blends Calm's Sleep Stories with A-list actors Mahershala Ali, Kate Winslet, Idris Elba & others.
The Eye Exam
My latest humorous, angry, satirical hermit crab essay about being racially profiled at the opthamologist's office.
Alone Together
Sales of Alone Together: Love, Grief, and Comfort in the Time of Covid-19 benefit indie bookstores!
Pandemic Postcard to a Stranger
A postcard I wrote to my mom's young BF
Twins: An Afro-Viking Epic
The prologue to my new manuscript in REED Mag #153
Dear Biracial/Mixed/Multiracial Girl
My crowd-pleasing epistolary essay will be published in Dear Black Girl: Letters From Your Sisters On Stepping Into Your Power, ed. Tamara Winfrey Harris (Mar 21)
My ebook/audiobook
My short ebook takes a humorous look at black women & fibroids.
My memoir (paper)
My account of becoming Thailand's first Black Buddhist nun
My anthology
I co-edited 24 international stories ideal for the classroom.
My PBS documentary
Buy the thought-provoking 35-minute PBS documentary
My textbook
Children's Reader
My chapbook
Ghosts is a collaboration with a Kenyan graphic designer
My memoir (cloth)
The hardcover edition of my memoir: no Reader's Guide. Click to read excerpt:
Nigerian #MeToo Lyric
My Nigerian #MeToo lyric essay, published in Aké Review, reprinted in Brittle Paper
Flaunt Magazine #148
Peacocks (travel micro-story)
The Rumpus
"All of the Above" the PPT marriage essay
Cosmonauts Ave
How to Make a Metaphor in B&W (digital essay)
The multicultural essay as performance
Radical Hope
On 10th anniv of her father's passing, Faith bids farewell to Obama
Creating Nonfiction (textbook)
My anti-Wikipedia essay about Nigeria
Write Choices (textbook)
My chart on the Elements of Nonfiction Storytelling
I'll Tell You Mine: 30 Yrs
of Essays from Iowa Nonfiction Writing: Black Men essay
Whatever Doesn't Kill You
Six Memoirs of Strength, Resilience, and Forgiveness
Best Women's Travel Writing 10
The infamous explosive diarrhea/Great Bride Soup story!
Family Trouble (anthol)
My essay on the challenges of writing memoir about the Black family (biological and global)
Dismantle: The VONA Anthol
1st chapter of TWINS
Colors of Nature (anthol)
Twins excerpt on culture, identity & the natural world.
YES! magazine
My popular article on why memoir is the ultimate multicultural act
The Word (anthol)
Black writers talk about the transformative power of reading & writing
Coming of Age in the 21st Century
OK Humanities
Getting my first Afro was drawing a line in the sand
Go Your Own Way (anthol)
Women Travel the World Solo
The Messy Self (anthol)
Getting my first doll
Her Fork in the Road (anthol)
Women celebrate food & travel
Under her Skin (anthol)
How girls experience race in America
Women Who Eat (anthol)
A new generation on the glory of food
Transition #86
Meeting Faith excerpt
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