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Two Writing Workshops, One Deadline (2/19)!

Time to get cracking on your New Year's resolution to write more! Or to support a loved one who has a story. 

I'm teaching a community-based Meditation & Writing workshop in Oakland Feb 24 & Mar 3. It's generative and appropriate for all levels.

And Travel Writing for People of Color this summer in Berkeley.  

5 years ago VONA/Voices and I teamed up to launch the nation's 1st writing workshop exclusively for travelers of color!

50+ published articles and 4 partnerships (Away Journal: Experiments in Travel & Telling, The Rumpus, Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel, and On She Goes) later, we're coming back in Berkeley. 

This year we're working with The Ethical Traveler podcast. Join us! New early deadline: Feb 19!

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