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March Madness: 3 Events+International Women's Day+My Birthday!

Hot off the Associated Writing Programs Conference & Bookfair in DC and my stint as Clayton B Ofstad Visiting Writer in Missouri (which included a multimedia reading in a planetarium), comes March!

TUESDAY MARCH 7 Headlining the 9th Sweetwater Session at Impact Hub

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Impact Hub, 2323 Broadway, Oakland

Omi Gallery at Impact Hub Oakland is honored to host Faith Adiele for Finding my Black Family (with Detours through Buddhism and Fibroids) at The Sweetwater Sessions. This multi-sensory, multi-media series of creative arts practice engagements gives voice to the dramatic collaborative process between Artist, Spirit, tradition + community in the design of freedom narratives for contemporary culture. Ashara Ekundayo, Curator & Host

Tickets: $7 (IHO Members $5)

WEDNESDAY MARCH 8 Back at my fave, the Museum of the African Diaspora

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

MoAD, 685 Mission St, San Francisco

In celebration of International Women’s Day + in partnership with the San Francisco State University Poetry Center, memoirist + travel writer Faith Adiele, poet Tonya Foster + visual artist Asya Abdrahman will discuss the ways they make place + navigate the literary, artistic + academic worlds in which they live + work. The event will include readings by the authors + offer opportunities for visual + literary artists to respond to each other’s work.

Tickets: $10 General | $5 Student/Sr | MoAD Members + SFSU Students (Free)

SUNDAYS MARCH 12+19 Travel+Memoir Workshop open to the public

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

San Francisco Writers' Grotto (TBA)

Everyday Travel Tales: Recall & Write Your Story (a generative, 2-day workshop). We all travel, every day. Be it moving back + forth between language + culture; embarking on roots journeys or road trips; living as an expat or multicultural family member; being a nomad; climbing from working to middle class; recalling our family’s escape/exile/migration; leaving home or dropping out of college; setting out on pilgrimages or spiritual quests; going abroad to study/research/witness/do reportage/volunteer; walking the road to recovery every day. How do we turn these (internal) cultural encounters or (external) physical journeys into gripping stories with deeper (social, spiritual, cultural, historical, political) meaning, stories that capture a particular culture + era + move readers?

Course fee: $280. There are a few seats left. You MUST register and pay online in advance!

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