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Lions & Orphans & Selfies, Oh My!

I've been working on a travel piece that touches on sex tourism, which led me to the amazing Instagram parody, Barbie Savior, which 80K people discovered before me, leading me to sign up for Instagram TODAY! The taglines and hashtags alone (#offensifabulous #gonativeorgohome #stayprayedup #notqualifiedcalled) are worth the price of admission.

I am a HUGE fan of Barbie as Art, such as my tribesman Obi Nwokedi's Black Barbie & Ken’s Nigerian Traditional Wedding, and have some plans for my old G.I. Joe (thanks for keeping my toys, Mum!). Coincidentally, the BBC did a big story on Barbie Savior today; it reeks a little of #whitesplaining, so I prefer this hilarious Culture Stories interview with Barbie Savior founders.

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