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First blog post on revamped website, first Rumpus essay!

I'm super excited to announce that my long-awaited essay about our 25-year courtship and wacky, cross-cultural marriage - which grew out of Facebook posts liked by ALL OF YOU - was published in The Rumpus Wednesday! The illustrations come from a shorter, PowerPoint version - which, coincidentally, I'd performed for the Radar Queer Reading Series (established by Michelle Tea at the San Francisco Public Library) - the night before. And you'll see from the slide below that I was playing around with ComicLife.

Please check it out and share widely and post some love on The Rumpus site. They are doing amazing things!

#photo #marriage #multicultural #crosscultural #essay #memoir #blacklove #PowerPoint #digitalstorytelling #Facebook #TheRumpus #comics

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